Tuesday Nights are for Coffee

My husband drove up from New Orleans last night to come and see me.

We ended up having a lovely Tuesday night date, and we exchanged our Christmas gifts early.

Our first stop was Rum House for some Taco Tuesday shenanigans. We got some queso blanco, assorted tacos, and I even treated myself to a berry mojito. It was a perfect meal, and we were both so full.

Afterwards, we decided it would be good to stop by Lighthouse Coffee to a nice cup of coffee and some quiet planning and journaling.

At Lighthouse, he ordered a pour over coffee of the Topeka Coffee Roaster’s El Salvador, Finca Buena FE while I chose a cold cortado. Both of our coffees were so good, and his honestly had such a wonderful fragrance to it.

We were able to sit in a slightly secluded area, so it was cozy and private. We had a great time, and one of the baristas even complimented our planners.

So far, my giramondo has accompanied me to 4 different café, and I can’t wait for that number to jump up when we go to Jacksonville for a friend’s wedding. I’ve already got a wonderful list of places for us to stop by while we’re there.

That’s all for now!

This may be my last post for December as things will pick up between work and personal life obligations. I’m hoping when January rolls about, I’ll finally get to use the weekly section more for an actual flip through and better content.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Originally a hobbyist, Theresa is now deeply entrenched in the world of fine writing goods. Her curiosity was initially sparked through the fountainpens subreddit and has now grown beyond just fountain pens, to include planners, premium paper, and fountain pen inks. Her misadventures can be tracked through her instagram.

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