Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey, ham and macaroni and cheese filled holiday. I’m not the biggest fan of turkey and ham, but I would eat my weight in macaroni and cheese if I could.

I’m late by a few days, but I was visiting my in-laws. And, when you’re seeing someone for the first time in a while, I think it’s important to really just spend time with them. Not to mention, I was also prepping for final exams, so really things just got shifted around priority wise.

It was a weekend of family, food and studying. I didn’t even really get to plan much because of how busy I was.

That said, onto the planner related things. I had a pretty large mail order come in. And, I picked up a couple extra things.

A combined shot of my order from Jetpens and Shigure Inks.

From Jetpens, we have:

Not pictured but also arrived are:

Then from Shigure Inks, I had the Troublemaker inks ordered as a Christmas gift for my husband. That included:

While I originally had an issue with Shigure Inks with my order being returned to them from the postal sorting office, they were very nice about the mix up and resent the package while waiving the shipping fee as well. Will definitely order from them again down the line since their customer service is A1. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some nice swatches of the Troublemaker Inks after Christmas when my husband gets to open them. 🙂

Whlie we were with our in-laws, my husband was also kind enough to condition my giramondo for me. We used Saphir Médaille d’Or Nappa. I have to say I’m kind of on the fence with the Saphir. While it does a wonderful job of moisturizing the leather, it has a very strong smell to it. I’m still smelling it on my planner 3 days later, and my planner was giving me a headache for the first few hours after application.

A photo of husband applying the Saphir with his fingers. We had no chamois cloth, and it wasn’t that big a deal. The Saphir absorbed beautifully. Within a hour or so the planner was completely dry, and there was no darkening or discoloration of the leather. We did two applications, and I think sometime closer to Christmas, we’ll do another application. My planner was extremely dry in comparison to his, and I think will take a few more treatments before it really softens up.

On Friday, Joonho and I had a chance to check out Rêve Coffee Roasters in Lafayette. We spent about 3 hours there with some planning and studying. The coffee was okay, but honestly it was pretty disappointing for how highly rated they were. The apple blueberry crumble was pretty delicious though, and I almost contemplated ordering a second one.

Joonho got a Columbian pour-over coffee while I got a latte. I don’t think we’ll be going again. Aside from the coffee just being pretty average tasting, the actual shop was too warm and dark. The outside seating was pretty limited and the two picnic tables that were present were both broken…

It’s been interesting trying to find different coffee shops to frequent. It’s definitely turned into a “thing” for us. 🙂


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