Sunday Afternoon, A Journaling Mood

This Sunday was a nice one. Joonho came to visit me in Baton Rouge, and we spent the day doing more generic couple stuff. We ran by HomeGoods for a bit to try and find a 8×10 inch picture frame one of our wedding photos. And while we did find one, we ended up leaving without checking out because the line to check out was so bad. I didn’t realize HomeGoods was so popular during the holiday season.

Afterwards we headed to Community Coffee for some refreshments and took a moment to sit down. We both ordered the Espresso No. 22, and it was very good!

You can tell that we have two very different styles of drinking coffee. I like to take sips and take it slow while he just dives into it.

Since we both had our giramondos, we both took some quiet time to sit and write in our notebooks. He actually had his Custom 74 while I just used a gel pen like a heathen. He did admit to me that his Custom leaks a little, and now we’re looking into what options we have to get that resolved. I think we might stop by Papier Plume in New Orleans to see if they have any recommendations for locals who may be able to help us.

It was nice being able to sit and just write.

We both agreed it was very nice and relaxing, and I think we’ll be doing this more frequently. Recently, we both had complaints that it felt like we’re spending enough time together, but as we sat there both writing, we didn’t feel that way today.

I’m looking forward to more days of writing with him in the future. It’s been fun journeying into notebooks together like this.

P.S. I always thought Community Coffee was different from CC’S Coffee House, but instead I learned that Community Coffee is a roaster/distributor that is a parent company to CC’s Coffee House.


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